Is Your Poor English Accent
Causing You So Much Grief that
You Can't Bear it Anymore?

Are you required to
talk like a native English speaker
to get ahead in your career?

...Then you must read this today!

Dear Friend,

Does any of this feel familiar?

  • Do you get frustrated, embarrassed or even anxious when you are about to speak in English?
  • Do you find that other English speakers can't appreciate your true value and your true personality because of your accent?
  • When you are with other English speakers, do you ever feel inadequate?  
  • Are you always trying to prove or justify yourself, instead of being trusted and treated equal by other English speakers?

My name is Greg Cassagne.  I'm a non-native English speaker with a peculiar story, and I'm here to share with you how those with a *gift* for languages manage to speak with an excellent English accent, and how you can do it too.

How would you feel if this happened to YOU:

This is a true story

About 10 years ago, only four weeks after arriving in Australia...

I am on the trading floor, conducting customer surveys for an exciting product launch.  The kind of launch you find on the front page of the main newspaper and on the TV news.

And without notice, they send me this guy from Corporate Office.  A guy I have never seen before.  If you can picture a big, noisy, boisterous, sweaty character who speaks very fast and very loud.  Saliva is dribbling from the corners of his mouth as he speaks.  He's scratching his sweaty belly with one hand and soaking the saliva up with a tissue in the other.  

He's asking me tons of questions without giving me a second to answer.  10 minutes and a million words later, he begins pointing at my folder, the one with the survey results.

He is so excited that his eyes are about to pop out of their sockets.  His pointing finger is getting nervous and dangerously close to my folder.  So in the snap of a second, I throw the folder in the cabinet behind me, telling him what my boss said: "The survey is confidential I can't give you the results."

All of a sudden, this big, noisy, boisterous, sweaty character freezes: his jaw drops, I can see his thick tongue glaring in his round open mouth.  He is staring at me completely speechless.  Then he turns to his colleague, who I'm just noticing now (a thin guy who hasn't spoken yet).  He mumbles something, and looks at me again with the same expression!

So I repeat myself: "I'm sorry, the survey is confidential, you can't have the results".

I was doing exactly what I had been told to do

A few seconds later, the situation is still unclear. Obviously, something went wrong.   My intuition tells me I'm missing the point.   It's getting uncomfortable.  They are looking at me like I am an alien.  Suddenly, they stand up and walk away without a word, leaving a business card behind them on the chair.  I look at the names: no idea.  I've never seen those guys at Corporate Office.

Half an hour later, my boss is grilling me over the phone.  He is deeply frustrated.  He's usually polite and composed, but now he calls me a moron.
It turns out I should have shared the results. The big guy is the head of market research and he reports to the Big Boss: the one my boss also reports to; the one who pays for me to be here...

And I've just wasted a whole afternoon of their time.  They drove all the way to this side of town, and I turned them down.  They needed the last bit of critical information (the survey results) for the Big Boss' imminent presentation of the project to the Board of the Company*.  The Big Boss is counting on the presentation to advance his career: he wants the General Manager's role!  (*) A 20 billion dollar turnover company at the time.

The Big Boss is completely mad at me: "Who is this foreigner who can't understand
a word about what's going on in this office?"
 He wants to have a word with me.

Guess what: it didn't get better

So the next day I'm in the Big Boss' office.  My hands are sweating.  He motions me to sit down.  My boss is next to me, looking sick and scared.  It seems I'm on my own.  So I'm ready to face the cold shower if I have to.

The Big Boss starts very slowly, painfully slowly with a couple of questions.  It feels like a chess game and I'm the novice about to be crushed in three moves by Gary Kasparov...

And as you would expect, only a tenth of what I need to tell him makes it out of my mouth.  He is painfully grimacing at every word I say.  Then a long silence...  He looks at my boss and says: "Does he actually speak English at all?"  He's opening his stationary draw and pulls out my CV:

He reads: "English: proficient level"  Big silence.  "English: proficient level!" he repeats.  I can hardly bear the way he is looking down on me in my simple shirt and tie.  Then he says: "Next time we sit down to talk business, I want to be able to understand you, and I want you to get what we are talking about in this office.  Otherwise you are wasting my time and the Company's money."

How would you feel?

Particularly if your boss told you: "You know the Big Boss wasn't born here, and English is not his first language."

I did work myself out of this death trap and I will share with you how I did it and how long it took me, but there's one thing I couldn't get over about this incident:

I stayed angry and disappointed at myself for a very long time, because I had imagined I would sit in front of the Big Boss for only one thing: to get a promotion after a year or two of loyal hard work.  And here I was with my dream shattered to bits only four weeks after getting started.

So, let me ask you this:

How did you learn to speak English? 

Did you learn English at school like I did?

Did you notice how the whole time you were learning English, if you were lucky enough to have a native English speaking teacher, that the focus of the class wasn't about pronunciation or accent?

...But rather about grammar and vocabulary? Or about reading paragraphs or listening to dull conversations on overplayed tapes and answering comprehension questions? 

Maybe you were the best in the class, you worked really hard and you believed your teacher - like I did - when you were told to write "proficient level" on your CV...  Yet your English accent is still bothering you today...

Did you ever go on a linguistic sojourn in the UK, the US, Canada or Australia? Or maybe you are planning to go at some point?

Did you notice how you never come back speaking as well as you imagined?  Did you notice how you never really meet any native English speakers outside of your host family if such an option was offered to you?

... But rather, you came back with lots of friends who are either foreigners or folks from your own country of birth.  And all of you had a great experience but nobody wants to talk about the lack of results. 

Maybe you were the luckiest of the bunch because your host family wasn't doing it for the money, they really spent quality time with you and showed you around.  Yet when you compare your learning expectations to your results when returning home, you still feel sorry for yourself.

Did you ever buy the ultimate super-duper magic English home study course with 52 lessons, 24 CDs and 12 interactive DVDs?

Did you ever notice how your beautiful ultimate magic home study course is sitting on the shelf, staring at you gathering dust?  Did you ever make it to the 52nd lesson?

Sorry, maybe I am completely wrong because you did finish the whole course, and you even revisited it at least twice in details since you bought it. Yet your accent today isn't quite as good as you want it to be...  

You must be getting the point: a good English accent is NOT a guaranteed result of having attended English classes, or having studied English abroad for a months or two, or from following a book and CD/DVD package.


So what about those people out there
with a *GIFT* for learning languages?

Have you ever met any of those *gifted* people?

They are often hard to spot, but I'm sure you've met a few:

You always find out about their *gift* after they mention something about their history.  Something that makes you think:

"Hang on, this sounds odd!  So they didn't grow up in an English speaking country.
How come their English is perfect?"

So you ask them: "Where did you grow up?"

They tell you and it's not an English speaking country (the Big Boss was a German Swiss I was told).

So more questions pop up: Did they go to an English school?  Did they spend part of their life in an English speaking country?  Was one of their parents a native English speaker?

And your jaw drops as they reply: "I only spent two years in an English
speaking country."

I even heard once: "I only spent six months over there".

Clearly, those people do have a *gift* for learning the accent, don't they?

But what is the *gift*? What is it made of?  Is it a protected secret?  Is it genetic?  Is it paranormal?  Is it brain surgery?  Is it a blue pill?  And how did they get it?

Have you tried to ask them how they got that *gift*?

I always wanted to know!

I used to be fascinated and looked at them with envy and admiration.  Who wouldn't? Aren't they the luckiest people around?

They are always surrounded by native English speakers, enjoying the best conversations and laughing out loud.  And all those native English speakers seem to love them, trust them and be their best friend!  They never get rejected, you always see them with a smile, they always look self-confident when they talk.

How incredible!  I always wanted to know how they did it!

And today I know:

Because for the last ten years, most people can't tell I was NOT born in an English speaking country.  When I tell people about my history, they always end up telling me I must have a *gift* for learning languages.  

So do you want to know what the *gift* is?

Let me give you a hint: part of it has to do with your exposure: your exposure to native English speakers.

"But hang on, this sounds odd!!!  There are lots of people with years and years
of exposure who still sound horrible in English!"

That's because...

With or without exposure,
you are still going to face
some baffling problems:

You don't know how to make the most of your time with native English speakers.
You don't know what to focus on to learn the accent.
You don't know what accent exercises you should do.
You don't know how to assess your own accent when you speak English.
You never know if you are on the right track and you don't have a way to track your progress.
Sometimes you have the wrong exposure and you are unaware of it!
Sometimes you have difficulties making contact with native English speakers even though they are around you all day long.
You wonder how to surround yourself with native English speakers when, to begin with, they keep avoiding you.
Sometimes there's no-one in town with a native English accent and you are stuck wondering "How can I increase my exposure?"

By the way, I really got sick of hearing people telling me it was a *gift*.  
I don't like to call it a *gift* anymore, so allow me to call it something else:


Alternative because it's completely unlike what you get taught in English classes, study abroad programs or in any self-study course.

Method because every problem you have read about above has a down-to-earth, methodical solution, and it can be learnt step-by-step. 

And after years of hearing people complain about their bad accent and telling me how lucky I am to have the *gift*, I decided to write down the Method and publish it. 

If you would like to finally eliminate
your foreign accent and be taken
for a native English speaker
you will need to:

Find out what it takes to develop a good English accent.  Once you know each step in detail, you will be 100% confident you can do it.  Nothing will stop you from having the accent you need; and you will receive all the respect, admiration and recognition you deserve.

Get the right tools and learn the correct techniques.  There is a list of indispensable tools and techniques you must work with.  And it's best to get your hands on the list, instead of wasting valuable time and energy doing guesswork. 

Get organised.  Right from your first day, you will need a system that tracks your progress and tells you what's next, so you never spend time doubting your direction.

Know exactly how to fit it all into your existing schedule.  A fail-proof plan is a plan that doesn't require a lot of change in your everyday life.  Such a plan will adapt to your existing schedule, while delivering steady results.

Know where to get help.  No matter what the situation, you want to avoid downtime and getting unstuck quickly. You will need solutions ready at your fingertips.   

Know exactly how to deal with native English speakers.  So you can maximise your exposure to their accent without feeling like you are asking a favour or begging for their attention.

You are literally 24 hours away
from changing your life...

Inside "How to Build Your English Accent in Everyday Life",
you are about to discover exactly how to:

Clear the two biggest misconceptions about learning accents.
Apply the same secret used by world-class sport champions to create outstanding results.
Understand exactly what it takes to learn an accent.
Select the indispensable tools to make it happen smoothly.
Select the best sources of free content to boost your exposure and increase your results. 
Capture what you sound like the professional way, without paying € 450 for a private coach.
Set goals that are specific, measurable and achievable, giving you 100% control.
Pinpoint your current level and tailor your program, for maximum results.
Use my fool-proof measuring techniques to keep track of each goal effortlessly.
Use my 13-criteria formula to conduct regular self-assessments easily in no time. 
Fit your learning activities in your already busy
schedule by simply following my own example.
Use your self-assessments to find what to improve next and adjust your exercises.
Learn step-by-step how to select the best exercises to suit your everyday life and habits.
Implement your own tracking system to support you right from day one, giving you 100% control.
Program your brain to build your accent and triple your assimilation while you sleep.
Adapt to any possible conversation scenario, trust me, I have counted 192 of them.
Use any of my 10 power techniques to help you understand native English speakers.
Engage in conversations confidently at all times with the help of my other 6 power techniques.
Make native English speakers enjoy having
a conversation with you.
Prepare for professional meetings to win your audience over.
Turn the situation to your advantage when
talking under pressure.

Avoid traps that reduce your exposure to native
English speakers when they are all around you.
Increase your exposure to the accent when you have NO native English speakers around you.
Leverage your professional and social environments to boost your progress.
Learn the behaviour of native English speakers
to avoid rejection and misunderstandings.
Attract native English speakers and build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


This is an alternative method.  It is nothing you've seen before.  Expect it to be different.  Very different.

You must enjoy a challenge.  If you are looking for a quick lazy solution for your accent woes then this method is not for you.

It will make you jump into action.  No more than 24 hours from reading it to getting started.  If you hate taking action and prefer to indulge in front of second-rate TV programs, then please don't buy it.

It is results driven.  In fact it's built on a result tracking system.  So it will put you in front of the mirror and tell how well you are doing - no cheating.

It has been tested and re-tested successfully.  If you like to play around with the recipe, please buy a cookbook instead.

The busier you are, the faster you will get results.  I will show you how your ability to manage your focus, not your time, determines your effectiveness.  All you have to do is follow me.

You will be perfecting your accent effortlessly while you sleep.  This is very powerful.  If you are a high achiever, you will enjoy how much leverage you can create with a good night's sleep.

Can you seize the opportunity?

In just a few questions:

How many years since you sat down for your first English lesson?

How much money have you spent learning English?  How much did you spend on books, school fees, linguistic sojourns, proficiency tests, private tuition and magic self-study courses?

At this pace, how long and how much do you think it could take you to master your English accent?

I'm asking you because:

Until today you didn't know Accent Grabber existed.  You didn't know about any alternative method focusing on your vital priority: YOUR ACCENT.

Until today, you've spent an astronomical amount of time and hard-earned money doing your best without getting the results you imagined for yourself.  You've been dreaming about communicating in English as if you were born bilingual.  Yet you are standing far from it!

So let me ask you this:

How much longer do you want to wait?  Did you plan to put your career on hold for another five, maybe ten years?  When will you get the promotions, the new responsibilities, the trust, the recognition and the respect you deserve?

How much more do you want to spend? Do you need to spend an extra € 8,560 for a language program in Canada or in Australia?  Do you need to pay for another 60 sessions of personal tutoring at € 40.00 each?

Isn't it time for change?

Over the years I’ve helped many candidates find jobs in Australia and the UK. I have given them tons of advice.  I've spent countless hours of my free time reviewing their CVs and letters, showing them how to reach decision-makers with highly personalised correspondence.  As a result, they often got more interviews than average.  

But I don't do it anymore.

Because almost predictably, those candidates with a poor accent - the great majority - got knocked back consistently at the first interview over the phone or face-to-face.

I attended some of those interviews and it was sad to see interviewers start very excited about the candidates and suddenly get the “big chill” right when the candidates opened their mouth.  That's always a big disappointment for both parties.  And for me too.

I've published this information because it's desperately needed.

Because people around the world are calling for reducing waste, and
I think we should start reducing the waste of talent, yours included!

I also don't want the guilt for pushing you my way.  I firmly believe that if you got to this page by yourself and you've read it this far, then you are capable of making this work for you, without me twisting your arm.  So I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse...

... But first, let me go over everything you're going to get:

Here's everything I'll be sending you

 Your Own Copy of 
"How to Build Your English Accent in Everyday Life"

54 pages of concentrated information, presented in six chapters, covering everything you need to know about building your English accent from scratch.

In less than 24 hours after receiving your copy*, you will be ready to work on your accent, using the strongest system and the finest techniques available, all without having to change your current everyday life.

Your best chance to make your bad accent part of History.

(*) Instant downloadable electronic version

 Bonus #1 
My Special 4-Page **Bonus Chapter**

It's called:
"11 Unspoken Rules to Succeed Faster and Easier."

These rules are so profound and so true, that you run the risk of changing your vision of success forever.

I've put it at the end of the Method, but I'm going to remove it soon because I think it's worth turning it into a separate product.

A value
of € 50.00 , yours FREE now, but not for long!

 Bonus #2 
Your Own Seat in my Getting Started Program

Because you won't have a teacher watching over your shoulder, I'll give you the same helping hand I would have liked to receive when I started.

I've designed this program to support you for the next three months until you can fly on your own.

The only thing I ask you in return is to promise me not to wait for the perfect opportunity, and to get started straight away. A value of
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 Bonus #3 
My Private Insider Newsletter*

People from all around the world are coming up with awesome questions, tips and experiences.

I select and review the best of these and add extra insights and explanations.  Then I share it with you, so you can see exactly how others do it.

(*)This members-only newsletter costs € 14.95 per month and I am giving you a one-year membership to the value of
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 Bonus #4 
You Can Ask Me Questions at the End of Each Chapter

I decided to set up this feature as a trial.

At the end of each chapter, I give you access to a reserved area where you can post your own questions about the chapter.

The best questions are answered in my Private Insider Newsletter. Yours might well be the next one.

 Bonus #5 
Let Me Take All the Risk!

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you're not completely satisfied for any reason with what you learn in "How to Build Your English Accent in Everyday Life", simply return the Method within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

How To Get Your Own Copy

The Method comes as an instant downloadable electronic version, so you can get started straight away.

It contains everything you need to build your English accent from scratch without changing your everyday life.  It features a simple yet powerful tracking system, and the most versatile techniques to get the job done.

If you were to hire me to personally teach you all those skills, it would cost you over € 2,500 minimum (I charge over € 250 per hour), and you would be left without any documentation to refer to when you want to refresh your skills in the years to come.

Plus you get access to much more wisdom and experience from the most successful people, because I collect feedback and tips.  And you can directly benefit from their experience through my Private Insider Newsletter.

With that in mind, here's my offer:

 You can get your very own copy of "How to Build Your English Accent in Everyday Life" plus over € 375.35 worth of bonuses FREE today for only € 97.

For the same price as three hours of conversation with a qualified private coach, you can acquire the most powerful method ever offered to people who want a final answer to their accent problem.  Its secrets will be yours forever.  No one can take them away from you.

And the best part is that there is no risk of any kind. If you are not completely satisfied with the information for any reason, just send it back to me within 30 days for a complete refund.

There's Simply No Way You Can Lose!

If there's any doubt left in your mind, I want you to consider the following:

Firstly, remember you have nothing to lose.  Go through every page for an entire month and if it doesn't exceed all of your expectations, just send it back to me for a prompt refund.

Secondly, allow me to leave you with a very bold promise...

Based on my own personal experience and success, I can honestly tell you there will come a day when you think back to this moment and tell those who ask: "This Method was the turning point that changed everything in my life." - IF - you're bold enough to be decisive today.

To your perfect English accent,


P.S. Trust me, when the Big Boss told me to get started, it wasn't the right time for me.  If you are feeling unsure, give yourself the same kick the Big Boss gave me and start changing your future today -

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  • Internet Access to activate your copy
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